Flood Survivors

Our statement of purpose and a request from your proposed class
representative president and your new class representative team.

Dear fellow class members, our very old flood case may very well and finally be about to bear dividends.  All the involved attorneys have executed an agreement which renders subservient, any personality conflicts and/or personal interests, and amplifies what should be EVERYONE'S ONLY real priority - effecting justice.  Apparently this has brought the State back to the bargaining table, and presumably this time; with an interest in earnestly seeking a REAL settlement.  Fortunately, this agreement also provides for one of the State's top arbitrators, Mr Calvin Fayard, as our sole and only negotiator.  Are we being led down the "primrose path" once again?  We wish we could guarantee that that is NOT the case and that justice is only a few weeks away.  But alas... there are no guarantees in life OR flood settlements.
Therefore and whereas; we wish to be prepared, in case; current negotiations prove unsuccessful.
Whereas; a class-action this size presents certain challenges in the accurate and timely dissemination of quickly evolving information, which therefore suggest that additions to the class representation process are prudent.
And while; several factors, including the health of some of the present class representatives, seems to have compromised the class reporting process,
and Whereas; the class representatives need to play an important role in the evaluation and acceptance of any forthcoming offer.
We hereby request your cooperation in reforming the class and, just in case; electing additional class representatives.

Please continue to the  PLEASE REGISTER HERE tab on the left and join your fellow plaintiffs in our UNITED quest to prevail.
Signed: Joe Perrin (985)507-9206        Signed:  Levi Robertson (985)320-4611

Current Class Representatives
Joe Perrin, Levi Robertson, Carol Morse, Bobby Hyde & Jean Boudreaux.
Proposed Additional Class Representatives 
Cheryl Bardwell (985)320-8836,  Wesley Murphy (225)347-4648,
Bob McBride Jr (225)223-9722, Dan Pieper (225)294-5520
 & Bobby Lee (985)634-7136.

Registered Class Members
Barbara Abadie, Kathy Acosta, Sheri Amerson, Bridget Hall Anderson,
Clenoa L "Buddy" Anthony, Farley Anthony, Marie Prevost Anthony,
Rebecca Beverly Anthony, Crystal Aranyosi,
James Arnouville, Elaine Arwood, 
Cora Baham, Sandra Baiamonte, BarbaraBailey, Carroll Bailey Sr, Carroll Bailey Jr,
Bradley Bardwell, Charles Bailey, Shirley Bailey, Charles B Bardwell, Charles M Bardwell,
Jessica Bardwell, Judy Bardwell, Myrtle Bardwell, Robert Bardwell Jr, Alma Barze, Alonzo Barze,
Andrew Barze Sr, Joan Barze, Leonard Barze, Melvin Barze, Woodrow Barze,
Patricia Bauers, Virginia Bauers, Ella Beall, Judy Beard, Alice H Bennett,
Arthur Bennett Jr, Arthur Bennett Sr, Benjamin A Bennett, Brandy Bennett Parsons,
Brett Bennett, Bruce Dalmar Bennett, Bruce Daniel Bennett, Charles Bennett,
Cody Bennett, Crystal Bennett-Varnado, Desiree Lynn Bennett, Dorothy Bennett,
Gail Bennett, George Bennett, Jerry Bennett, Joseph Bennett III, Kitty Bennett,
Vicki Bennett, Johnnie Berry, James B Beverly, Anna Bignar, Michael Bignar Jr,
Michael Bignar Sr, Edward Bignar Jr, Edward Bigner Sr, Rita Bigner,
Patsy Billedeaux, Melanie Blackwell, Brandon Blount, CharlesBlount, 
Renee Blount, Kirk Boe, Sandra Boe, Janice Bourgoyne, Mary Bourgoyne,
Billy Bryan Bourn Jr, Billy Frank Bourn Sr, Bryan Bourn, Christopher Bourn,
Darlene E Bourn, Harvey Bourn, Houston Bourn, Calvin P Brown,
Iris Renee Brown, Warren Brown, Augusta Brumfield, Jerry Brumfield,
Thomas Brumfield, William K. Butler, Pamela Burroughs,
Cathy Bush, Cynthia Hill Byers,
Joseph Cannino, Mildred Cannino, Alma Calkins, Dean Calkins, Edgar Calkins,
Roslyn Calkins Cardona, Brandy Cantwell, Bob Caples, Brian Carroll, Lloyd Carroll Jr,  
Dorothy Caves, Tommy Caves Jr, Tommy Caves Sr, Edgar Charbonnet,
Carolyn Dominguez Charbonnet,  Maxine Childress, Randy Childress,
Ignatia Christiana, Diana Kraemer Clark, Brian Clausen, Erdwin Clausen,
Bryan Clement, Elery Clement III, Lydia Clement, Marvin Cochran,
Ruby Cochran Addison, Tamsy Cochran, Waymon Cochran, Theresa Parker Collins,
Betty Cooper, Carolyn Cooper, Cassie Cooper, Charity Cooper, Gary Cooper Sr,
Gary Cooper Jr, Karen Cooper, Kenneth Cooper, Kenneth Cooper II, Lola Cooper,
Mary Cooper, Misty Cooper Dupree, Purn Cooper, Ronnie Cooper,
Stacey Cooper Long,  Sullivan Cooper Jr, Clyde Corneille, Delmer Corneille,
Jason Corneille, Kimberly Corneille Mathis, Wendel Corneille, Claire Cosgrove,
Katina Cosgrove, Lydia Cosgrove, Ashley Cowen, Linda Sue Cowen,
Stanley Joseph Cowen 2nd, Bobbiejo Creekmore O'Neill, Bobby Creekmore,
Brian Creekmore, Jason Creekmore, Joann Creekmore Richardson,
Joyce Cryer, Debbie Davis Cutrer, 
Calvin Daix III, Cheryl Daix, Odette Daix Pea, Patricia Daix, Roselyn Daix, 
Cynthia Delatte, Debra Delaune, Pamela Goudeau Dennis, Michael Dickerson,
Jason Dillon, John Dillon, Michael Dillenkoffer Jr, Carol Dominguez,
Lloyd DominguezCharles Dominguez, Lisa Dominguez, Mark Dominguez,
Sheila Dominguez, Colleen Donaldson McElhannon, Cory Patrick Donaldson, 
Marilynn Donaldson, Diane Jones Doucette, Chandra Doughty,
Tracy Perry Douglas, Glenn Drude Jr, Glenn Drude Sr, Rita Drude,
Coy Olen Dunaway, Elaine Dunaway, Patsy Dupuis, 
Iris Edwards, Ellis Ernest, Mike Ernst, Robin Rogers Ernst, 
Billie Evans Vicknair, Kenneth Evans, Marianne Evans, Rodney Evans,
Dorothy Farlow, Darnell S Farmer,Barbara Fiorello, Jacob Fiorello,
Jesse Fiorello, Sean Fiorello, Christa Parker Fitzmorris, Evelyn Fleming,
Dahmer Fletcher, Cecilia Fletcher, Julia Fletcher Kupper,
Kevin L Fletcher, Ruby R Fletcher, Stacey Fletcher, William Fletcher,  
Elisabeth "Jenny" Flint, Patricia Flint, Toby Flint, Larmie Fontenot, 
Paul Foster, Diane Fourmaux, George M Fourmaux, Jeffrey Fourmaux,
Dani Frederick Read, Justin Frederick, Miriam Frederick,
Donielle D Gates, Geraldine E Gates, James D Gates,  
Bridgett Gauthreaux, Shawntel Chauppette Guillot, Lori Wells Guthrie,
Julie Lee Graham, Brandon Granger, Jules Granger, Mark Granger,
Rebecca Granger, Regina Jenkins Griffin, Betty Gueldner White,
Connie Sue Gueldner, Donald Gueldner, Glynn Wayne Gueldner,
Roger A Gueldner,
Amie Hall, Rosha Hall, Terrence Hall, Jeanne M Hanna,William "Wade" Hanna Jr,
William W Hanna Sr, Chris Harper, Robert A. Harper, Cathy Felder Havel, 
Tyleda Thorske Hartman, Ronald Hebert, John Henry, Nelda Henry, 
Sonia Henry, Heidi Higgins, Patti Ridgdell Hilbun, Darla Raiford Himmaugh, 
Adrianne Hood, James R Hood, Joshua Hood, Glenn Hoover, Louise Hotard,
Melody Hotard, Carol Anne Hughes, Jeanette Hurst,
Jean Duplessis Hutchinson, Holly Hyde Wood,
Tom Jackson, Carol Jacob, Edward Jacob, Jeremiah Jacob, Larry Jacob,
Larry Jacob Jr, Melissa Jacob, Susan Jacob, Arthur Joiner,
Ashley Joiner-Matherne, Cheyenne Joiner, Colt Joiner, Dawn Joiner,
Kathleen C Joiner, Lloyd E Joiner, Todd R Joiner, Janice Jacob Jones,
Cindy Jones Terrebonne, Kathleen Jones, Leslie James Jones Sr,
Leslie James Jones Jr, Lillian Eady Jones, Patricia Jones, Shirley Jones,
Franklin Kemp, Dione Morgan Kinchen, James H Kinchen, James J Kinchen,
Penny Kinchen Musacchia, Debbie King, Glenn Klein, Randy Klein,
Gale Kornbrek, Sidney Kraemer, Martha D "Deannie" Kuebler,
Amanda Childress Labourdette, Melinda Ladner, Sarah Ladner-Jones,
Thomas Ladner, Chemae Landry, Cynthia Langer, Nicholas Langer,
Rita Larpenter, Alisa Lavigne, Audrey Lavigne, Dorothy Lavigne, Fred Lavigne, 
Hazel Lavigne, Joann Lavigne,  Robert O Lavigne, Harry Lavine Jr, Harry Lavine Sr,
Myrle LeBlanc, Ann Edwards Lee, Jack Lee, Janice Genevea Lee, Milton Lee, 
Rebecca Lee, Richard Lee, Alice Lee, Sidney Lee, Sharon Lee, Frank LeSaicherre,
Joseph Frank & Neva LeSaichere, Joseph Ralf LeSaicherre, Brian LeTard,
Charles Lipscomb, Joseph Lipscomb, Susan Lipscomb, Theo Lipscomb III,
Danielle Lizardi, Jackie Lorio, Louis Lorio, James Lucas, Joseph Lucas,
 Charles Mahl, Melissa Mahl-Despaux, Patsy Mahl, Jackie Manton, Linda Manton,
Betty P Mathews, Larry D Mathews Sr, Linda C Mathews, Michael D Mathews,
Ottis Kenneth Mathews, Paula Mathews, Rhonda Mathews Cortez,
Robert C Mathews, Stephan P Mathews, Iris Mathews, Ronnie Mayeaux, 
Bob McBride Sr, Kimberly McBride, Linda McBride, Russell McBride, 
Betty McCoy, Kenneth McCoy, Alonzo McCrory, Betty McCrory, Brian McCrory,
Carol McCrory Manzella, Danielle McCrory, Fritz McCrory, Paula Diane McCrory
Benjamin McCuller, Billy McCuller Jr, Billy McCuller Sr, Wanda McCuller,
Tina McLemore, Joan McLin, Wayne McMorris, Bobbie Menona, Elliott Menona,
James Menona, Jonathon Menona, Donna Merritt, Stanley Merritt, Charles Meyers, 
Brandi Michalczyk, Jacqueline Michalczyk, Jennifer Michalczyk,
Sandy Michalczyk Bellar, Richard Michalczyk, Jerry Miller, Mildred Fendlason Mills, 
 Bernadine Milton, Betty Milton, Chad Milton, Dawn Milton Wolf, Debra Milton,
Gerald Milton Jr, Gerald Milton Sr, Jeremy Milton, Marshall Milton,
Mitzi`s Beauty Salon, Emily J Monteleone, Susan Pittman Monteleone,
Kimberly Montgomery, Clif Moore, Ruth Moore, Barbara Morgan, Joshua Morgan,
William Morgan, Brenda Morse Harris, Candi Morse, Dennis Wayne Morse,
Diane Morse Whittington, Glenn Morse, Louis Morse, Mildred Morse,
Oleta Morse, Ricky Morse Sr, Russell Morse, Sharon Morse Ribando, Terry Morse Jr, 
James Morton, Tamara Mosack, David Mouledous, Joan Mouledous, Paul Mouledous, 
Todd Mouledous, Ruby Carroll Mounce, Carla Rose Mulkey, Cecilia Polman Mulkey,
James C Mulkey, Jenafer R Mulkey, Lonnie Mulkey, Billy Munch, Rita Munch,
Arthur Newman, Dawn Newman, Edward Newman, Irene Newman, Jennie Newman,
Chad Nicolosi, Donald Nicolosi, Elaine Nicosia, John Nicosia, Kristi Normand,
Barbara Norred, Dennis B Norred, Annette Novak, Christopher Novak,
Marybeth Novak, Mike Novak, Susan Novak, Brad Ochsner, Connie Ochsner,
David Ochsner, Kenneth Ochsner, Mark Ochsner, Seth Ochsner, Ena Olivier,
John Olivier, Barbara Overmier, Kevin Overmier,
Katrina Padgett Pecanty, Sharron Prokop Padgett, Billy Keith Page Jr,
Monica Page, Lillian Palazzolo Traylor, Nicholas Palazzolo, Alma Palmer,
Brandie Palmer Hearst, John Palmer, John R Palmer, Frances Parent, 
Vanessa Parent Lofton, Frances Poche Parker, Robert A Parker,
Robert A Parker Jr, William "Benny" Parker, Angel Pearson,
Albert Perrin, Bonnie Perrin, Brandon Perrin, Carroll Perrin,
Darrell Perrin, Helen Perrin, Stephanie Perrin, Tori Perrin Recatta,
Jeremy Peterson, Randall Peterson, Claud Phelps, Theresa Pieper,
Carol N Pierce, Pinedale United Pentecostal Church, 
Virginia "Ginger" Pirritano, Sheila Plaisance, Chadwick Poche', Earl Poche',
Earl Poche' Jr, Jeffery Poche', Jeremie Poche', Madeline Poche', Michael Poche',
Peggy Poche', Sandy Poche'-Helms, Scott Poche', Shirley Populis,
Annie Portier, Crystal Portier, James Portier Jr, Joseph Portier Jr,
Barry Powell Sr, Beverly Powell Lemoine, Bobby & Joann Powell,
Brian Powell, Bridget Prevost Watson, Danny Prevost,
Donald "Gary" Prevost, Jennifer Prevost Labourdette,
Olivia Prevost, Sandy Prevost, Michael Puma,
Agnes V Raiford, Robert Raiford, Theo Keith Raiford, Edward Reese,
Edward Reese Jr, Kevin Reese,
Lynn Reese, Edward Riley, Edward Riley Jr, Eric Riley,
Brani Robertson Mott, Brennan Robertson, Dale Robertson,
Darenda Robertson Delahoussaye, Debbie Robertson, 
Doreen Robertson, Eleanor Robertson, Frank Avery Robertson Jr, 
Frank Avery Robertson Sr, Gay Robertson Sterken, John Robertson,
Lydia Robertson, Mitzy Robertson, Samantha Robertson Friedman,
Schona Robertson, Shane Robertson, Simone Robertson Ducote,
Pam Robinson, Kimberly Rodriquez, Richard John Ryan, 
Lloyd D Sance, Ruby Sance, Sherry Sasser, Frank Scariano, Sherall Scariano,
Suzanne Schnell, Stephanie Kilburn Schulte, Tammy Scott, Parrish Seely,
Raymond Seely, Bruce Sheridan Jr, Cynthia Sheridan, Donald Sheridan,
Glynn Sheridan, Jamie Sheridan, Janice Sheridan, Linda Sheridan,
Quentin Sheridan, Sharon S Sheridan, Frances Short, David W Sibley,
Trey Sibley, Valmond J Sibley Jr, Ruthie Simmons, Paula Singer,
Dallas Skelton, Douglas Skelton, Oscar Slaton, Carl Smith, Gregg Smith,
Hollie Smith Lemmon, John E Smith, Mellanie Smith, Shirley J Smith,
Shirley M Smith, Tina Smith McLemore, Walter J Smith, Walter S Smith,
Frances Snider, Annie Soles, Johnny Soles, Trilby Soles, Aimee Spearman, 
Jean Stamper, Larry Stamper, Bonnie Starkey, Stephen Starkey, Charlette Stelly,
Karen Stevens, Leighton E Stevens Jr, Paul Stevens, Paul Stevens Jr, Theresa Stevens,
Violet Stevens, Chad Stewart, Kristine Stewart, Margaret Stewart,
Robert Stewart, Mary Stilley, Richard Stilley,
Joe Tallo IV, Mary Lou Tallo, Trudy Tallo Askew, Winona Miller Tallo,
Elsie Taylor, Kenneth Taylor Jr, Terry Taylor, Chad Terral, 
Rene' Emile Terral Jr, Rene' Terral III, Paul Tobin,  
Blanche Amelia Traylor-Ryan, Coleen Traylor, Kenneth Turner Sr,
Connie Valenti, Cecile Vezinat, Carol Vining,
Cindy Dominguez Wagner, Keith Wagner, Louis Wagner III, Minnie Wallace,
Wesley Wallace, James L. "Larry" Watkins, Lucas Watkins, Melanie Watkins,
Wesley Watkins, Helen Wells, Margaret Wells, Brandon Whann, John B Whann, 
Kathy Whann, Heath Whann,  Christopher Whorton Jr, Christopher Whorton Sr,
Pamela Whorton Lamonte, Jeff Wiggins, Jimmy Wiggins, Melissa Jenkins Wilde,
James Willis, Linda Willis, Larry Wilson Jr, Larry Wilson Sr, Paula Wilson,
Russell Wilson, Wendy Wilson Keller, Patricia Wittie, William Wood, 
Yogi Bear's Jellystone Pk, Diamond Young Cofield, Jeannie Young,
Shane Young, Robert Young, Arthur Zimmer, Christopher Zimmer,
Louise Zimmer & Roddy Zimmer. 
(687) *** Nicely done folks.