Flood Survivor Central

Our story in brief:
In the 1960's the Feds gave the State money to design a bridge over the Tangipahoa River for Interstate 12.  In the 70's the State built a dam instead.  In 1983 came the flood.  From trial court to the highest court in the land, our position has been positivly adjudicated, confirmed and upheld.  It's time for the State to pay.  What is the hurry?
The list below is the answer.  28 years is enough!

Participation and registration at i12exit47.com is completely voluntary and does NOT replace registering in the class action lawsuit.  You either are or you are not registered and a member.  No one, no Counsel, not even the Judge has discreation to add or subtract from the list of plaintiff's.6:12 PM 7/4/2012
Happy 4th everyone. It would really have been nice to celebrate the 236th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, with nothing but good news... But here, on this 29th Independence Day since our State and Federal Government saved some money by building a dam (instead of a bridge,) which flooded residents, businesses, homes and the VERY lives of 1291 taxpaying, hardworking, soon to be oppressed citizens... But alas, The State does not hold itself to the same moral responsibility and standard that it holds "we the people." Something seems to be backwards about that. We've been stone-walled, ignored, deceived and insulted, and as such; The Boudreaux Council has very little to report on the the "State of The Class Action Lawsuit/Settlement."

However, the news isn't all bad. We've been led to believe that if we just "lay low" and be good little oppressed, but obedient, subjects of The State, there's a "chance" we might actually receive a drop-n-d-bucket, good-faith, see-ya-next-year payment of around $10 Million. Unfortunately, it was not made clear if this is a good "chance" or bad.

What we can report on is the "State of your Boudreaux Council."

It took us 3 years and a mountain of cooperation, by all 888 people recognized on this website... but we've accomplished our goal. The Boudreaux Council is duly elected and recognized by The Court. As most of you know, your Boudreaux Council President is Mr Joe Perrin. We've been led to believe that there are steps that can now be taken to hold OUR Counsel "more" accountable. After all, this is our Class Action Victory more than any lawyer's. I think Joe is the absolute right man for the job. Hopefully we will have a clearer path of communication and cooperation, enabling more consistent and informed reporting to the class.

I close with this prayer:
Lord, It's in your hands so please help our public officials remember that they are not owners of the taxpayer's money, but instead; stewards of precious and limited resources with a solemn obligation and responsibility to protect ALL the citizens equally. God's Speed for Joe. And a Great & Safe Holiday for ALL!
Bobby Lee

We dedicate our efforts in memory of those who suffered but passed while awaiting justice.
Anita April
Irwin April, Sr
Irwin April, Jr
Cynthia Arnouville
Winona Athas
Joyce Bailey
Nelson Bardwell
Milton Bardwell
Theodore Barze
Earl Anthony Baudoin
Glenn W Bennett
Hilda Bennett
Joseph A Bennett, Sr 
Joseph A Bennett, Jr
Joy Fay Bennett
Karen Bergeron
Ferris Beverly
James Ray Boudreaux
Linda Bourn
Rose Bourn
Iris Deedee Bowman
John L. Bowman
Hilda Breckwoldt
Francis Dean Brown
Augusta A. Brumfield
Wilkie L Brumfield
Patrick Burroughs
Gwendoyln Caples
Lloyd Reese Carroll Sr
Wanda Steib Joiner Castell
Diane Childers
Verna Childers
Anthony J Christiana Sr
Tommie Wayne Cochran
Albert O Cooper
Sullivan Cooper Sr
Timothy J Cooper
Verna Cooper
Edward E Cosgrove Sr
Stanley Joseph Cowen
Calvin R Daix Jr
 Sr Roselyn T Daix
Danny Earl Davis
Norris J Delatte Jr
Tommy & Evelyn Dickerson
Elmer Dillon
Cynthia Dominick
Dan Patrick Donaldson
Wallace A Edwards
James Daniel Evans Jr
James Daniel Evans Sr
Clarence Farlow
Hilda Fletcher
Morgan Edward Fletcher
Michael H Fredriksz
Dorothy Gueldner Goudeau
Beatrice Gueldner
Ernest Gueldner
Larry Gueldner
Theodore Gueldner
Ella R Hanna
Leon V Hanna
 Elenora Harper
Robert R. Harper
Ruth Harper
Thomas Allen Holmes
John Hood
Lester E Hoover
Lucy Howes Kuebler
Morgan Bruce Howes
Stella Mitchell Howes
Clara Jackson
Eli Joiner
Leslie Joiner
Lloyd W Joiner
Paulette Joiner
Thelma S. Joiner
Wanda Steib Joiner Castell,
Elvira Jones
Virgil Jones
Camille K. Keen
Danny A Kilburn
Buna Travis Graham Kinchen
Eunice Boudreaux Ladner
Sidney I Lavigne, Jr
 Amy LeBlanc
Ivy LeBlanc
Albert E Lee, Sr
Armitize Lipps Poche' Lee
Raymond Floyd Lee
Robert Allen Lee
Theo Lipscomb IV
Anthony Locicero
Freddrick "Chip" Mahl
Colon Manton Jr
Mary Elouise Manton
Katy Mathews Clark
Archie Matthews
Gladys McCrory Pittman
Alonzo McCrory Jr
Stella Joiner McCrory
William McCrory
Ryn Menona
Charles E Meyers Jr
Richard M Michalczyk Sr
Evelyn Robertson Miller
George Benard Miller
Bobby Milton
George "Sonny-Man" Milton
Gladys Chustz Monteleone
Joseph John Monteleone Jr
Joseph John Monteleone Sr
Richard Morgan
Shannon Morgan
Terry Morse Sr
Charles Mouledous
Mahalie "Mae" Mulkey
Eleanor Murphy
Benny Nicolosi
Chad Nicolosi
Donald Nicolosi
Jason Nicolosi
Claudette Newman
Jennie Perrin Newman
William Joseph Newman
Lisa Nicolosi
Melissa Nicolosi
Sherilyn Nicolosi
Austin Ochsner
Brian Ochsner
Faye Ochsner
Gerald Ochsner
Lula Ochsner
Mildred Ochsner
Suzonne Ochsner
George Overmeyer
Michael L Padgett
Julia Palazzolo
Santo Palazzolo
Terry Palmer
Gary Wayne Parent Sr
Allen L Perrin 
Holyn Howes Perrin
Alfred Piegts
Carl W Pierce
Christine Poche'
Estelle L Poche'
Homer "Pete" Poche'
Monroe Poche'
Winston Ray Poche'
Cournelous J Polman
Rosella Eva Polman
James Portier Sr
Milton J Portier Sr
Floyd Prevost
Kathleen Prevost
Ellery Paul Raiford
Peewee Ribbs
Ruth Ribbs
Velma Rizzo
Douglas Robertson
Hilda Dunnington Robertson
 James Robertson
 Lora  Rogers
James Rogers
 Gaylord Sanders
Patsy Sanders
Elicia Scariano-Lee
Helen Seely
Bethel Sheridan
Bruce Sheridan Sr
Don Sheridan
Ima Sheridan
Ray Sheridan
Sam Sheridan
Carlos Sibley
David C Sibley
Mollie Lucille Sibley
James Burlan Sibley
Albert L Smith
Richard Snider
Leighton E Stevens Sr
Katie M Stevens
Littie Stevens
Paul Joseph Stevens
Kenneth Taylor Sr
David Scott Terral
Ruby Thibodaux
Ann Traylor
Mary V Traylor
Robert Traylor Jr
Robert Traylor Sr
Joann Turner
Kenneth Turner Jr
Jimmie T Valenti
Wesley Wallace
Delvin A Wells
Sylvia Wittie
Carl Edmond Whorton, Sr